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The Amani Experience Podcast

Mar 28, 2020

Baily Hancock [EP 136] shares some excellent networking tips, why we should all focus on collaboration and she discusses all of the various pivots she has made in life. 

Show Notes:

4:36 - Voted Miss SRHS in high school.

7:58 - Looking at living in LA the wrong way initially. 

9:46 - "I turn on light switches for people...

Mar 19, 2020

DJ Mark Stylz aka Mark Pacheco [EP 135] stops by and chats about how he started his DJ career 35+ years ago, how he got through some dark times and why your network is your net worth.
Show Notes:
3:24 - The 7th-grade dance when the amp blew 45 minutes into the gig.
6:31 - What happened after graduating from...

Mar 12, 2020

In this episode (EP 134), I share seven books you should read and include clips from the authors. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

#1 - The Artist Way by Julia Cameron  | Speech by Julia

#2 - Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert |   Interview Clip

#3 - The Power of Purpose by Les Brown |  Clip from book

#4 - The War of Art by Steven...

Mar 6, 2020

Kit Rich (EP 133) shares why there is no fast track, valuable advice Kesha shared with her and what "a little bit of the left" means to her!
Show Notes:
4:12 - Writing a love story in the LA Times.
6:45 - "A little bit to the left ... "
12:45 - Definition of "higher thoughts".
13:46 - "There is no fast...