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The Amani Experience Podcast

Aug 21, 2020

Mahoganey Jones joins us [EP 154] and discusses how she has worked on her mindset, dealing with the fear of success and how to make loving yourself a priority. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

3:52 - Switching to the hospitality industry. 

6:52 - Definition of eventpreneur. 

9:39 - "I was producing events to pay bills ... "


Aug 15, 2020

Joshua Gillow [EP 153] talks about going two millimeters at a time, choosing comfort over pain, and why vulnerability is the ultimate strength. Enjoy the show!
Show Notes:
3:27 - Selling corn and tiger lilies as a youth.
5:41 - Mindset in tough times.
8:51 - "... the governor"
11:06 - How do you grow...

Aug 6, 2020

Michelle Johnson [EP 152] shares a story of how Hurricane Katrina impacted her career, why we should make more mistakes and she talks about an interesting perspective on competition.
Show Notes:
3:09 - Going from college to the hospitality industry.
5:49 - Michelle as a DJ!
9:25 - "Turn the lights on ... "