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The Amani Experience Podcast

Aug 27, 2019

Carly Rae Williams shares how she successfully runs two businesses, how she takes risks within her business and why mentorships and strong self-worth are so crucial to survival in today's business environment.

Show Notes:

4:31 - What inspired Carly to move from Northern Washington state to Southern California. 

5:47 -...

Aug 20, 2019

Anthony Sylvester (EP 107) talks about his love for Southern hip-hop videos, what it takes to be a good storyteller and why "you cannot control everything". Enjoy!

Show Notes:

4:13 - What inspired Anthony to move to Los Angeles.

5:35 - What is it like living in NYC, LA, Philadelphia and Hungary. 

8:55 - First video that...

Aug 13, 2019

Natasha Ray (EP 106) talks to us about being on Shark Tank, how we are all inside out projects and the importance of the 80/20 rule. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

3:37 - The difference in living in LA compared to Washington, DC.

6:48 - Working as a manicurist in a hospice facility. 

8:31 - Hammer & Nails and Shark Tank.

11:20 -...

Aug 6, 2019

Pawntra Shadab (EP 105) discusses her event career, recovering from temporarily losing her eyesight and why we must be present as often as possible.

Show Notes:

6:31 - Valuable lessons learned from her first internship to now. 

8:07 -  Benefits of being active with MPI. 

10:44 - What is it like working with...