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The Amani Experience Podcast

Jun 22, 2019

This is a landmark episode! EP 100! We highlight the answers from guests 1-50 to my favorite question - "What advice would you give your younger self?" Thanks for the support through the first 100 episodes.

Jun 12, 2019

From singing on tour with Janet Jackson, Britney Spears & Kelly Rowland to singing on tracks with The Notorious BIG, Heavy-D and countless other artists, KJ Rose (EP 99) has amazing wisdom in what it takes to be successful in the creative space today. KJ is an amazing storyteller and that is evident throughout...

Jun 4, 2019

I love books. Alysia loves books. Alysia has started an amazing book club that is spreading across the United States. We talk about all this and more in this episode (EP 98). There is a mention of a Hattie McDaniels biopic, tips to building faith and reasons why mindset is so crucial. Enjoy the show!
Show Notes: