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The Amani Experience Podcast

Dec 31, 2019

We review the best of The Amani Experience Podcast in 2019. We hear from Judi Holler, KJ Rose, Jen Boschma, Puno Puno, Shinah Chang, Adam Gubman and Laura Powers. Enjoy!

1:05 - Judi Holler

4:11 - KJ Rose

7:36 - Jen Boschma

13:03 - Puno Puno

15:32 - Shinah Chang

18:52 - Adam Gubman

22:10 - Laura Powers


Dec 20, 2019

Gary Ware [EP 123] talks about his experience in the improv world, why space and rest is important for creatives and how we should start thinking - "What is the best that can happen?"

Show Notes:

4:58 - Wanting to be a music teacher. 

10:27 - "There comes a point when this is not the place for you ... "

13:29 - How...

Dec 11, 2019

Kira Lingman [EP 122] talks about her love for blues music, gives advice to people who are too old/young to learn bass and shares why good art comes from the dark times. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

4:34 - Where and when Kira's desire to play music came from. 

6:34 - Elmore James & Muddy Waters.

8:42 - Ori from Gotham...

Dec 5, 2019

Monica Kang [EP 121] discusses the scarcity mindset, getting through a serious bout of depression and why we need more playtime in our lives! Enjoy.

Show Notes:

5:45 - Monica's definition of creativity. 

8:20 - Why creativity is key to personal and professional development. 

13:55 - How to get over the...

Nov 27, 2019

Shanna Lee [EP 120] discusses how she left a lucrative real estate business to coach and mentor other creatives, keeping fear in check and as a bonus, Shanna gives me a live reading! Enjoy.
Show Notes:
5:00 - Becoming a very successful real estate professional.
8:35 - What inspired Shanna to shift her focus and...