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The Amani Experience Podcast

Jul 13, 2020

Trevor Lui talks to us about going through the pandemic as a restaurant executive, the importance of mental health, and why you either love fried chicken or you are wrong.
Show Notes:
3:57 - Trevor Lui playing soccer growing up.
8:22 - Reducing food waste in the event industry.
10:10 - Reducing food waste in...

Apr 12, 2020

Toni Curry [EP 138] discusses being the first African-American Miss Alabama, the fear of playing small and why we should take time to be proud of ourselves.
Show Notes:
5:26 - The first African-American woman to win Miss Alabama.
9:18 - Structure and being nimble.
11:10 - The meaning of Bundini Brown

Feb 13, 2020

Jon Armstrong (EP 130) discusses how he is always learning, what his music career taught him about business and why "the path is the path".

Show Notes:

4:30 - Pursuing his masters and getting signed to MCA Records. 

12:04 - Valuable lessons learned while being in a band.

15:40 - "If I am doing something and feeling...

Feb 6, 2020

Kasey Blaustein [EP 129] discusses how a call from the Golden Globes changed her life, not buying into the critics and the beauty of coloring all day. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

3:50 - Favorite authors growing up. 

6:32 - Getting a call from the Golden Globes. 

9:10 - "I'm very happy ... content with today and excited for...

Dec 20, 2019

Gary Ware [EP 123] talks about his experience in the improv world, why space and rest is important for creatives and how we should start thinking - "What is the best that can happen?"

Show Notes:

4:58 - Wanting to be a music teacher. 

10:27 - "There comes a point when this is not the place for you ... "

13:29 - How...