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The Amani Experience Podcast

Nov 29, 2020

This episode (EP 159) is brought to you by MPI Southern California ( George shares advice for young filmmakers, depth in Hollywood, and his experience directing "The Hate U Give".
Show Notes:
3:25 - All My Children.
5:27 - "Instead of what is popular, let's focus on what is important ..."
6:08 - The inspiration behind producing "The Hate U Give"
8:08 - The hardest scene to direct in the movie.
12:25 - The scene at the restaurant.
17:25 - Why Hollywood lacks depth in the current times.
20:55 - Additions to one of the more impactful scenes in the book.
23:40 - "She can be both ... "
32:37 - How does George stay creatively full.
34:10 - Advice for young filmmakers and to a young George Tillman, Jr.
38:50 - Favorite Biggie & 2-Pac songs.
40:40 - Two different Hollywoods.
47:25 - What continues to inspire George.
How to reach George: Twitter