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The Amani Experience Podcast

Apr 12, 2020

Toni Curry [EP 138] discusses being the first African-American Miss Alabama, the fear of playing small and why we should take time to be proud of ourselves.
Show Notes:
5:26 - The first African-American woman to win Miss Alabama.
9:18 - Structure and being nimble.
11:10 - The meaning of Bundini Brown
16:04 - Why we focus on failures more than accomplishments.
17:29 - The inspiration behind writing "My Hype Book".
29:02 - "The presence of humility should not mean the absence of personal accolades ... "
31:38 - The fear of playing small and advice to people who are playing small.
38:55 - Dr. Septo
44:22 - "If you do 100 more, we will get lobster for dinner ... "
47:59 - "Let yourself off the hook quicker ... "
52:57 - "Be selfish with yourself ... "
How to reach Toni: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Linkedin
Book Recommendations:
"My Hype Book" by Toni Purry
"Start With Why" by Simon Sinek
"Good to Great" by Jim Collins
"Originals" by Adam Grant
"Quit Playing Small" by Ahyiana Angel
Podcast Recommendations:
Switch, Pivot or Quit by Ahyiana Angel