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The Amani Experience Podcast

Feb 13, 2020

Jon Armstrong (EP 130) discusses how he is always learning, what his music career taught him about business and why "the path is the path".

Show Notes:

4:30 - Pursuing his masters and getting signed to MCA Records. 

12:04 - Valuable lessons learned while being in a band.

15:40 - "If I am doing something and feeling a little uncomfortable, I'm probably in the right spot ... "

18:10 - Jon's perspective on the 10,000 hour theory.

20:15 - A message to people who think they can only be an expert in one category. 

30:40 - A lab procedure that did not go as planned. 

37:02 - How to handle the "bomb-throwers". 

39:38 - The importance of having a team in business and personal life. 

43:40 - "The worst type of planning you can do is crisis planning ... "

48:58 - "The path is the path ... " 

51:25 - "The chance to fail is always going to be there ... "

56:23 - Thoughts on Ozzy Osbourne. 

How to reach Jon: Website | Linkedin 

Book Recommendations:

"Designing Tube Preamps for Guitar and Bass" by Merlin Blencowe